ADHD Assessments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder of childhood, caused by differences in the structure and chemical balances of the brain. Adults with ADHD may have difficulties with  attention, impulsive behaviours, distractibility, executive functions (mental processes that enable decision making and goal directed behaviours), and overactivity.

In adults, the diagnosis of ADHD may have been missed or not assessed during childhood, or misdiagnosed as other mental health issues. These challenges may affect many aspects of an individual’s life including interpersonal, social, vocational and family functioning. Females and males with ADHD may have different presentations throughout lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions about ADHD Assessments at the Talk and Thrive:

We acknowledge that the process of an assessment may be an overwhelming one. From a practical point of view, if there is an ADHD diagnosis provided, you may benefit from the following: 

  • Disability Tax Credit or PWD
  • Recommendation for appropriate treatment to address ADHD and executive functions symptoms or other co-occurring symptoms. 
  • Access to medication management options 
  • Comprehensive list of recommendations and access to accommodations/supports at work and/or school 
  • Access to government funded services
  • Increased understanding, awareness and knowledge about one’s challenges 

The diagnosis can be an anchor that helps individuals move forward in life. Notably, a diagnosis of ADHD is not guaranteed as this assessment is standardized and objective. 

We consider many contextual factors and approach our assessments from a BioPsychoSocial Framework. Our assessments are completed within a reasonable timeline and may include in person and computerized cognitive testing, removing some of the barriers to seeking support such as long waitlists. 

Keeping in mind the unique presentations of gender differences in adults with ADHD (e.g., presentations in adult females vs. males), the assessment process conducted by our experienced and trained psychologists and psychological associates is a 6 step process.


Before the assessment, an in-depth phone intake is completed to understand attentional and other challenges and determine fit. Other elements of the assessment include: 

  • Detailed developmental and diagnostic interview with the adult, and ideally with parents, family members, and/or partners, the completion of questionnaires (optional).
  • Review of medical documents, previous assessments and other relevant documents.
  • Comprehensive assessment of personality /diagnostic interviewing, as well as an evaluation of the adult’s social and emotional development may be warranted (if clinically indicated). 
  • Completion of a detailed report summarizing the results, diagnostic considerations, and recommendations for treatment, supports, and resources. 
  • The results from the report will be shared with clients during a feedback meeting at the end of the assessment. 
  • Consultation can also be provided with other health care professionals or other individuals involved in the care of the adult when needed/appropriate. 

At this time, assessments may be completed virtually, with an option for in-person appointment. Our clinicians are licensed to see people in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia Provinces only. Therefore, you must be residing in these provinces.

  • Our fee for an ADHD assessment is $2000. Our services are covered by most private insurance companies.