At Talk and Thrive we primarily focus on providing Adult autism and ADHD assessments. However, we offer other psychological and psycho-educational assessments. 

Assessments help to examine an individual’s emotional, behavioural and social concerns and may result in a diagnosis. This process can help support treatment needs or provide understanding and insight into one’s social-emotional well-being.

Psychological Assessment

A psychological assessment evaluates social-emotional functioning, behaviour, as well as personality. An assessment can be helpful to determine a diagnosis that supports you in receiving mental health services as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Psychological Assessment at the Talk and Thrive:

Before the assessment, an in-depth phone intake is completed to understand your challenges and determine fit. Other elements of the assessment include: 

  • Detailed developmental and structured clinical interview 
  • Review of medical documents, previous assessments and other relevant documents 
  • The evaluation of: 
    • Vocational Functioning 
    • Social Functioning  
    • Psychological and Mental health wellness (e.g., depression anxiety, mood issues, etc) 
  • Completion of a detailed report summarizing the results, diagnostic considerations, and recommendations for treatment, supports, and resources for school and university and other settings. 
  • The results will be shared with client during a feedback meeting at the end of the assessment process. 
  • Consultation may be provided with other health care professionals or other individuals involved in the care of the client when appropriate to facilitate care
Our fee for a psychodiagnostic/psychological assessment is $3000. Our services are covered by most private insurance companies.