Psycho-Educational Assessments for Children/Adolescents:

Assessment for your child and Adolescent

A psychological assessment evaluates thinking, learning, and behaviour in your child and/or adolescent, It also includes an examination of social-emotional functioning. An assessment can be helpful to determine a diagnosis that supports your child/youth in receiving supports at school/outside of school as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Psycho-Educational Assessment at the Talk and Thrive:

Before the assessment, an in-depth phone intake is completed to understand learning or other challenges and determine fit. Other elements of the assessment include: 

  • Detailed developmental and diagnostic interview with the parents
  • Review of medical documents, previous assessments and other relevant documents (e.g., school reports).
  • Examination of the child’s social and emotional development via diagnostic interviewing. 
  • The evaluation of: 
    • Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning 
    • Academics and Learning 
    • Memory and Attention (Short-term and long-term memory)
    • Adaptive skills and functional abilities (Daily living skills)
    • Executive Functioning (e.g., organization, initiative, planning) 
    • Psychological and Mental health wellness (e.g., depression anxiety, mood issues) 
    • Other Neurodevelopmental traits (e.g., Autism, ADHD, or sensory processing disorders) 
  • Completion of a detailed report summarizing the results, diagnostic considerations, and recommendations for treatment, supports, and resources for school and university. 
  • The results from the report will be shared with clients and families during a feedback meeting at the end of the assessment. 
  • Consultation can also be provided with other health care professionals or other individuals involved in the care of the client when appropriate to facilitate care (e.g., school officials, therapists, etc.)
Our fee for a psychoeducational assessment is $4000 to $4500 (range depends on complexity). Our services are covered by most private insurance companies.